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Real Estate February 12, 2013 at 10:02 am

How is the neighborhood around Georgia and Hobart?

I’m considering buying a condo in one of the new developments at Georgia and Hobart.  Any insight on what the neighborhood is like, in terms of safety and what’s around (e.g. good bars, restaurants, gym, grocery, etc.)  Thanks!

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It’s a bit quieter on Georgia than on 14th street, but similar types of crimes go on. I’m comfortable with the area, but I’m also always aware of my surroundings. I’ve had more trouble closer to 14th street.

There are a few restaurants starting to pop up on Georgia, including a coffee shop (Harrar) on the same block, an Indian / Pakistani place a few blocks south, and a a couple of mexican(ish) places a few blocks further south from there. There are also a bunch of nice places on 11th st that are pretty close.
For groceries, it’s most convenient to go to Giant.

You might also want to ask this question on the Park View Beautification Crew Facebook page at — most of the members live at the southern end of Park View (Irving Street, Kenyon Street) and are thus pretty close to Hobart.

This neighborhood has a lot of great stuff! Harrar Coffee is incredible, and you are also just a couple of blocks from the restaurants by Howard, like Mama Chuys (delicious). Bruce Munroe Park is a cute little park with an active community garden, tennis courts, basketbakll courts, and a playground. You are a short walk from the 11th Street restaurant scene (Meridian Pint, Redrocks, the Coupe, Maple, KBC, Room 11, El Chucho, and Wonderland), and you’re really close to the new restaurants opening at Sherman and Harvard and Sherman and Girard. The 70’s bus line takes you right down to Chinatown with express bus options, and you can walk to Columba Heights Metro. There is a CaBi station at the park too, and easy access to the 11th Street bike lanes.
There is some crime in the neioghborhood, though as gotryit noted, it’s pretty much the same amount of crime as you would have in other nearby neighborhoods. Giant is your closest grocery for now, so that’s a downer. There is a good amount of ambulance traffic around there because of the hospital center, but if your bedroom is not facing Georgia, you should be fine.
Otherwise, it’s a great little neighborhood, and the community on that block of Columbia, Hobart, and Harvard is pretty active.

Thanks, everyone!  What helpful responses 🙂  I’m also looking at a place close by at Georgia and Lamont, but that’s not too far from Hobart so I assume all of the above also applies?

I live at GA and Irving and the same apprehensions as you did, but they were quickly dispelled. I feel safer there than on 14th, that is for sure. The new restaurants are great, esp Harrar’s coffee, and it is centrally located to everything. The best part is having very cool and very nice neighbors. If you’re buying it’s a great investment. My property value has gone up 40% in  only 2 years.


In addition to the places mentioned, there’s also a nifty community garden close by (Wangari Gardens), and a suprisingly good Ethiopian hole-in-the-wall restaurant at Georgia and Columbia (Kokeb).   A little further down form Harrar is a coffee/sandwich place/African bookstore (Sankofa).  We’re half a mile form the 11th st restaurants (Room 11), and half a mile from the Park View restauarants (Looking Glass, etc). I love living in the neighborhood.  
As far as future development goes, if Howard ever gets around to building Howard Town Center there will be another grocery store less than a mile away.  There’s maybe half a dozen apartment/condo buildings going up on Georgia in the Pleasant Plains/Park View section.  Oh, and the Georgia Ave streetcar line is supposedly in phase 1.  It will run from Union Station to Washington Circle, north up 14th, east over U, and then north up Georgia to Petworth metro.  I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that one though.

I’ve lived here about three years; the neighborhood wasn’t as rough as a lot of people who don’t live here seem to think even when I first moved in, but it’s also been improving rapidly and steadily, both in terms of safety and in terms of general livability.
People have mentioned Harrar, Sankofa, and Kokeb above; there’s also a good Indian takeout place that delivers a couple of blocks south (Salt and Pepper) and a couple more restaurants set to move in a block or so south on Sherman in the next year. Plus it’s an easy walk to Park View, lower Petworth, and Columbia Heights. All my neighbors are friendly and “neighborly”, and if you’re off the major streets it’s generally pretty quiet. Next year when the Safeway renovation is done in Petworth we’ll be a mile or so from the biggest one in the city 🙂
When I first moved in, my opinion of the neighborhood was “eh, it’s an okay area to buy a starter house.” Now I’d be claiming prescience if I could, with the way that every week seems to bring news of another restaurant or development coming in, and it’s become a great, fun neighborhood that I almost never need to leave for a meal or a night out.

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