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Topic: How do you interpret this No Parking Sign?

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How do you interpret this No Parking Sign?

We are having a problem with a parking enforcement officer in our neighborhood who is interpreting this sign differently than we are. The officer believes the sign means that we can ONLY park on Tuesday’s between 7am and 8:30pm. I am in contact with the DDOT about the issue and wanted to reach out to the community. How do you interpret the sign? Ignore the street cleaning sign. I appreciate your feedback.

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I read it as on Tuesdays only those with zone 1 permits are allowed to park there.  Everyone else on Tuesdays cannot park.

Yeah… it reads no parking on tuesdays during the stated times except for zone 1 holders. they can park at all times.

Sounds like you have a winner on your hands. I am not sure how the sign could mean you (assuming you’re a Zone 1 permit holder) can ONLY park on Tuesday’s between 7am and 8:30pm. It would have to say No Parking Anytime Except Zone 1 Permit Holders Tuesday 7am – 8:30pm. Good luck getting everything straightened out.

Zone 1 can only park there on Tuesday. If you are not Zone 1, you cannot park there on Tuesday. 
What a silly sign by the way.

Thanks all. I actually spoke to the officer and when she told me that you can only park there on Tuesday’s between 7am and 8pm, I thought, soooo you are ticketing people 24 hours a day to other 6 days? I went out this morning at 7am and there she was right on que giving two cars tickets to vehicles who were both Zone 1…. and it’s Friday. If we are correct, there is much bigger problem here. The city is making a boat load of money if she is out ticketing 6 days per week all day long. If they tell me I am correct, I will be investigating this issue to see how many tickets are being issued. I alreay have an email out to Jim Graham to get him involved. This is starting to look like a money trap. Why is the world would a street need to be no parking for only one day during the week. I think it may have to do with the church on V. I appreciate your responses everyone. 


OK, I hate these kinds of signs. But if you think like DDOT’s sign shop it become obvious what this is. On Monday, that side of the street gets swept. On Tuesday, the other side gets swept. I’m betting the other side is a resident parking only side.
Hence, on Tuesday, this side becomes resident parking only for the day.

The officer is clearly misreading the signs.  For her to come up with the interpretation she’s using, it would need to read “No Parking EXCEPT Tuesday 7AM-8:30 PM.”  It seems like the sign ought to be redone to say “Tuesday 7AM-8:30 PM – Zone 1 Permit Holders Only.”

A lot of impression perhaps, but to become more perspective, they should try the sign printed in foam core poster just as this they have great selection f print materials as well.

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