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Housecleaning Cost

I’d like to hire a housecleaner for bi-weekly cleaning and was wondering what other folks who get regular cleaning services pay.  I live in a tiny 2-BR rowhouse which I generally keep pretty neat so really only need someone to do all the more annoying chores — i.e. scrubbing bathrooms, dusting, mopping, etc. I’ve used an agency in town recently, but thought they were exhorbitant ($60/hour plus tip).  For biweekly cleanings, they quoted $110 for each cleaning.  With $20 tip, that comes out to $130 which is more than I’d like to pay…. (I had figured $100 flat, including any tips, would be fair for a biweekly cleaning).  Anyway, so instead of using an agency, I’d like to hire a person directly to save on middleman costs.  Would love to hear examples of prices that other folks pay, and if people think $100/week is too low, high or about right.  Thanks!

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I am sure we pay way too much. However, I was tired of having to take time off from work for the groupon/living social cleaning deals – kind of defeats the purpose! So our housecleaner does several others in the neighborhood (she has a key and alarm code) and charges $150 for about 1500 sq ft. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I still believe you get what you pay for. I’d never hire someone to come into my home who wasn’t affiliated with a company that has insurance and bonding. It could be a single owner/operator, but I’d still need to know they were a professional business with the appropriate protections.
That said, we used Merry Maids for several move-out cleans in the last couple years and they did an incredible job at a very fair price.

OMG, do you tip your housecleaners? Should I be doing that? At the holidays, I give them a full biweekly payment for themselves as a gift, but I don’t tip every cleaning.

I’ve had the same person cleaning my Petworth rowhouse for 8 or 9 years and she recently raised me to $100 for every other week. I know this is low, but she’s worked for me for so long that I sort of got grandfathered in. She usually charges closer to $120.  She comes with one or 2 friends who she pays out of her earnings.
I give her a gift card or cash on the holidays, and I gave her a paid week off when her baby was born a couple years ago.  (She actually only took a couple weeks off, and then just brought the baby with her to work!  Sat with him while her crew cleaned).

Companies like Merry Maids tend to pay their cleaners very poorly, which is why I wouldn’t use them. My cleaner works for a lot of friends of mine, so there’s plenty of quality control that way…if there’s a problem at one house, she could lose a LOT of jobs.  In all the years she’s been coming, I’ve never had an issue with her or her team.

Check out . They do an awesome job and they’re website makes it so easy to view prices, services and order a clean. 

Just an FYI, $110-$130/ cleaning for a 2 bedroom row house is very reasonable, as other people have talked about in this post you get what you pay for. Even though $60/hour may sound like a lot you have to remember there are a lot of costs these cleaning companies incur that you may not notice, aside from labor.; parking, insurance, travel time, supplies, etc…

I have a 3 bedroom row house/condo and pay $100 every 2 weeks. I don’t tip (except at Christmas). Originally I was being charged $125, but she said I was so clean that she wanted to drop it.

We use Suzy Romero’s company for weekly cleaning of a 4 bedroom single family home.  $100 and they do a pretty good job (it’s usually a 3-person crew, takes them about 40 minutes).  But we’ve used them a long time and are probably getting some grandfatherly consideration).  We only tip at the holidays, but we’re generous.  
Merry Maids are good too.

My husband and I pay about $85 for a once a month cleaning for a 3 bedroom – 3 and a half bath row home in Petworth.  She was going to charge us $190 for twice a month, but I thought that was to high, so I tried to negotiate a better rate, she was able to come down to $160 a month.  We aren’t messy people and I only needed someone to come in and clean the bathrooms, dust, vacuum, etc so we decided on once a month for now and potentially increasing the cleanings at a later date.   Since she isn’t part of service, I don’t leave a tip – the month goes directly to her.  I plan on tipping during the holidays though.

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