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Home and Garden May 7, 2013 at 5:33 pm

House cleaning

Our current cleaning lady is wonderful, but she is getting a little old and starting to miss a lot of areas. We’re devastated, because we’ve loved her. So, do any of you know of cleaning ladies that are trustworthy and have availability?

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We’ve been incredibly happy with these guys:  Very professional and very reasonably priced.  You just have to ignore their cheesy name (and don’t worry that they’re located in Maryland–they go to DC and VA too).  

I found Paula through a previous PoPville recommendation and she is wonderful.  Just her own person, doesn’t work for a company and lives in Petworth.  She shows up exactly on time and does a very thorough job.   Paula – 763-807-4864.

We have a fantastic lady who cleans our 5-bedroom group house. She comes every other week and we pay $120 for her to do the entire downstairs (common areas, 2 full bathrooms, and our kitchen) and she’ll also tidy up our rooms, but little stuff like making the bed and taking out the trash. Normally is here for 1.5-2 hours and it always looks great. She’s been cleaning this house for a while and came at the recommendation of one of the former house mates. (202) 294-9147 or (202) 309-3445, ask for Lorena Phipps.

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