House-and-cat sitter needed for March, April (possibly May): any ideas?

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Topic: House-and-cat sitter needed for March, April (possibly May): any ideas?

Home and Garden December 26, 2012 at 1:36 pm

House-and-cat sitter needed for March, April (possibly May): any ideas?

We are looking for a responsible cat-lover or two or three who want to spend some time watching our home in Columbia Heights next spring.  If anyone is interested, has done this before, or has ideas about where to look, we’d much appreciate any help!

The property: complete remodel, 1,400 sq foot/130 sq meter 2BR, on the TOP (the link shows shots of the bottom two floors; photos forthcoming!) two floors of an 1892 row house. open floor plan, AC, W/D, cable, internet, deck on each floor, grill, cleaning service can be arranged.

The timing: early- to mid-March through mid- to late-May. Definitely flexible, but only within the start and end date. Preference for one person or one group that would be able to stay for at least 6 weeks.

The kitties: We have three lovely cats (Bug, Dinah, and Haley) who will need care (feeding, litter scooping, playing). They all are under 5 years, very healthy, and sweet, though Dinah and Haley take some time to warm up to strangers.

The neighborhood: on 13th St in between Park and Monroe.  Close to everyhing!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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My friend is a pet-sitter and does extended pet/house sits in the metro area.  Let me know if you are interested and I can send you his contact info!

I’ve lived in DC for 5 years and have house- and cat- sat for many friends (and can provide references).  I have been thinking about moving to Columbia Heights this summer, so it would be great to have a few months to experience living in the neighborhood.  I grew up with cats and would love watching 3 little ones.  I’d be happy to meet you all and the cats if you’re interested.   

As the original poster I should also clarify: we are looking for someone to pay rent, although because of the cats we are looking for only a fraction of what we would normally pay for mortgage/rent.  The amount is negotiable.

I’m a cat sitter (and lover!) who lives just off the circle. I’ve been cat sitting a few years and can provide references if need be. My cat sitting usually includes watering the plants and bringin the mail, along with periodic email/text message updates for your convenience. Please email me if interested.
I should mention that I cat sit “on the side” and cannot be there 24/7, but can stay every night and housesit if need be.
[email protected]

Your posting was difficult to understand because you mentioned the cats, and how fabulous your place was, but nothing about expecting money from your “house sitter/cat sitter”. I’ve been cat sitting for years and I’ve never had to pay my clients. It’s the other way around and they pay ME. You basically posted a subleaser wanted under the guise if a cat sitting opportunity. But hey–if you have people scrambling to PAY you to watch your cats than there are mire gullible people in this neighborhood than I thought , LOL!

It’s not difficult to understand. But you COMPLETELY LIED in your original listing. So much so that after cat sitters like me responded, you had to provide an “oh, by the way, you would need to pay us rent while cat sitting” explanation.

In fact I’m going to request that they remove this post altogether for being utterly ridiculous. Try Craigslist. Don’t lie though (like you did here) and post it as a house and cat sitting job because it’s not. It’s a sublet offer at a discount because there’s a cat to care for.

You shouldn’t even OWN a cat (or a house) if you can’t afford a sitter, by the way.

Whoa.  Loganlady, hit the nasty juice a little hard this week?  Jesus, the original poster didn’t “COMPLETELY LIE” – it’s an unusual gig and maybe a little confusing, but it’s not like they tried to kidnap your mother.   You just have way too much time on your hands and want to spend it being a troll.  Way to be, I’m sure we’re all impressed and think you’re such an amazing person for deciding to be rude to a total stranger.  Nor was it “utterly ridiculous.”  I personally find the offer to be interesting (Low rent plus minor cat sitting job in awesome place for 3 months?  Sounds like a nice gig). 

Sheesh, Logan_Lady.  No need to be rude.  Granted, the OP’s original description wasn’t as clear as would have been ideal (the gig would have been best described as “Logan Circle sublet for 2-3 at 10% of market-value rent — The catch?  You’ll need to take care of our three cats”), but presumably she is new to this and wasn’t sure how best to pitch the idea.

Wishing everyone a more chilled-out 2013.

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