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General Discussion December 20, 2011 at 9:46 am

Hospital request for funny links

I got the below email from a good friend last night.  I’m working to pull together some material, but thought I’d try leveraging the wisdom of the PoP crowd.  Any suggestions would be appreciated (and an effort to keep things PG-13 would work best for the patient).
“My friend’s sister is in the hospital this week and has put out a request for hilarious things from the internet.  I am really bad at knowing what is currently funny on the internet, but you are all very good at it I think.  Any suggestions?”

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This may be kind of old, but in case neither of you has not seen this yet, the following always makes me laugh:

Also, have you seen the comic blog Octopuns?
Usually I get my comedy kicks from things that come across my Tumblr dashboard, hope she finds enough to bring some smiles.

I just saw this, and thought it was pretty funny, though I think the cat is really thinking how delicious that baby will be: isn’t for everyone, but if your friend’s friend’s sister likes grammar, bad art, or baked goods, she may appreciate the site.


Not entirely PG-13, but super cute:

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