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Announcements March 28, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Homeward Trails looking for emergency puppy foster homes

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (http://www.homewardtrails.org/) is looking desperately for people willing to foster or adopt puppies. One of their shelter partners is overwhelmed and needs to find homes for these puppies by FRIDAY. I can’t have dogs in my apartment, but I adopted my cat through Homeward Trails and they are a really great organization. They give tons of support to fosters and are a great resource if you’re new to pet ownership. Here’s a copy of the email announcement they sent out:
Urgent Puppy Situation – Can You Help?
We rarely send a plea like this for many reasons but we feel this time we MUST.
Our oldest shelter partner in Fayette County, WV is literally overrun with puppies – more than 35 of them. In one day, 17 were dropped off.
This is heartbreaking for so many reasons – mostly because they are all highly adoptable and will never get the chance to be adopted. Come Friday, 90% of them will be euthanized simply for space.
So we are coming to you, our loyal and wonderful supporters, in hopes we might be able to make a dent. 
In an ideal world, we would find 17 generous people who each agreed to foster 2 puppies….and then all would be saved. We know that is not realistic and that most will not make it out alive. But even if we get just a few more out it will make a difference to the ones we DID save.
You can see a small (not all) sampling of these pups here:
Pups Needing Rescue: http://www.homewardtrails.org/adopt-a-pet/dogs-for-adoption
They are under Fayette Pooch (name of puppy). 
We need committed foster homes in order to bring any up this weekend as all of our current fosters are full. 
What does this mean?
– You take a puppy or two (or more) into your home until they are adopted. We need a minimum commitment of 4 weeks…although many puppies are adopted sooner. 
– HT provides all the supplies….food, bowls, toys, crates, vetting
– You help to get good photos so they can be posted on our site and you help to advertise them to friends, family and colleagues. All adopters must go thru our screening and pay the adoption fee but the more advertising we have and the more network the quicker these cuties will get adopted
Puppy fostering is hard work…but it is also so rewarding to get a kiss from a pup whose life you saved and watch when they go to their forever homes knowing that you made it happen. But again…it is hard work.
So contact us if you might be willing to help. But do know that we need a 4 week commitment…as it simply is not feasible for us to move puppies around in less time than that.
Soon you all will also get some contacts from me in Fayette County in hopes that we can get some strongly worded letters and e-mails sent to the County officials there who continue to allow their residents to avoid spay/neuter and thus, dump puppy after puppy at this shelter where more than 90% do not make it out alive.
Contact [email protected] if you can help to foster. The pups MUST come this weekend as they are out of time. 
Thank you for your continued support!

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I responded to this post yesterday, and Sue emailed me back and said that all the dogs were covered [i.e. had foster homes set up] and safe.  Nice work on the post laurad, and nice work for all those who volunteered. 

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