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Home and Garden August 2, 2013 at 5:22 pm

Homeowners Insurance Qs

We are looking at homeowners insurance for our bungalow and wondering if folks have any recommendations on how much coverage to get.

In particular, we’re wondering whether to add sewer/drain backup insurance. It’s an additional $146/year, which seems high (about 15% of the annual cost). We have an unfinished basement and everything we store in it is on tables, not on the ground. Even our appliances are lifted a few inches off the ground.

I’m wondering, in the case of sewer backups, what typically happens? An inch or two? Or a foot or two? We have a $2500 deductible, so would an overflow really cost much more than that?

The house had a minor sewer backup a few years ago due to tree roots in our line that connects to the main line. It wasn’t a big deal in the basement, and the entire old line was replaced with PVC.

I’m inclined to not get the backup insurance given that we have a new line and not likely to have much damage in the basement. But I wanted to hear others’ experiences – am I missing something? Thanks!


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