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Home and Garden April 10, 2012 at 10:58 am

Homeowner’s insurance after a dog bite

We’re looking for an insurance company to cover us after a dog bite. Our dog bit about a year ago and our current policy is now dropping us due to the bite. We’ve called all the major companies and have been unable to find one willing to cover us or give us an exclusion for the dog. 

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I don’t know about after a dog bite, but I’ve had no problem with getting insurance through State Farm with a Rottweiler in my household. All the other major insurers refused. So if you haven’t checked with State Farm, you might do so.

That is a crappy problem to have. Best of luck – it seems like you ought to be able to pay extra for a rider on your policy but I guess they have their actuaries that say it isn’t worth it.


Your dog bit a person? Or another dog? 

He bit a person.

+1 on the State Farm rec. Call Jennifer Luca in Jon Laskin’s office (up on Connecticut Ave somewhere). With State Farm, you’re covered for one dog/cat bite, then they might drop you after that, or raise your rates. Good luck!


Are you in Petworth?  If so, I’d stroll over to Lockhart’s insurance on Georgia Ave.  They helped me through a sticky homeowner’s insurance situation to cover my gut renovation and were great to work with.

In my idealistic world the insurance of the person should cover it, as it is an injury he might also have got elsewhere, if the person sues then it’s a whole different story.

Thank you everyone for the helpful suggestions. We called every major insurance carrier and lots of local brokers and unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot out there for these situations. We eventually found a solution, which I wanted to post in case other people find themselves in this situation. We got Animal Liability insurance online through Xinsurance, which covers the dog only. We were then accepted by DC Assigned Risk (a DC government program for high risk insurance) for homeowner’s insurance, which excludes the dog and many other things.

I am a little late for this topic but I am having the same problem and I have no idea where to turn. I do not live in DC, but in NJ so if anyone has an experience with this outside of DC let me know

Our older dog bit someone for the first time ever, we had just moved and believe he was stressed out. Jumped fence to get a dog and owner broke it up. They are now suing, etc but we believe our home owners insurance will not drop us. As mentioned everything was dropped in court, etc but home owners insurance is covering trip to hospital and followup. We are taking every precaution to make sure it does not happen again and he is a sweet dog!

Anyone know of homeowners that will cover us after this incident??

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