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Home and Garden October 3, 2012 at 11:17 am

Home Repair Estimates?

Background:  We purchased our (unrenovated) home in winter of 2010.   The house was sold “as-is”, but passed both inspection and FHA inspections.  Soon after moving in, we learned that we would have to update all electric (original 1930’s wiring) and make a few plumbing repairs due to small leaks.  Rather than doing this in multiple stages, we decided to save up and do everything at once.  In the past week, contractors have punched holes/cut into our ceilings/walls, have gutted the kitchen/sunroom entirely, and exposed the basement ceilings.  I feel like each day of renovation, we’re discovering a new issue and our “estimate” is going up by the thousands.
1.  What is a reasonable price for replacing plumbing in a 1800 sq ft single family home?  General Contractor suspects the previous owner “patched” nearly all the plumbing in order to sell the house and quoted us $7-10k to replace and repair using PVC.  Plumbing issues were discovered earlier this week during the demo stage of our renovation.  Copper pipes are patched everywhere and new drywall was used to cover the mess.  GC said that he has never seen so many patches in any other house that he has gutted and flipped!  We didn’t plan on redoing our bathrooms, but looks like they will have to break the tile in order to fix plumbing.

2.  Also, what is a reasonable estimate for a boiler?  It’s old and leaking.  GC also suspects this was temporarily fixed to sell house and gave us an estimate of $3-7k.  Would anyone recommend purchasing a used boiler rather than new?  If so, where would we find a used one?

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Boiler – we paid 6K for a new boiler, installed, a few years ago.


Wow, this all sounds so familiar 🙂  Good luck.
7-10k seems cheap to replace/repair all the plumbing in a house that size.  We paid closer to 15k for all the rough plumbing (including gas) in our similarly sized house (if I recally correctly).  That included some sub-slab work as well.

Dat-  Did your $15k include removing/replacing drywall?  I’m thinking th ecost may be a bit less due to the fact that our walls are already down and pipes are already exposed.  Thankfully, all of our plumbing being replaced is above ground, meaning they will not have to break up the concrete flooring in the basement.


I just looked back at our renovation budget.  The plumbing total was ~$11,000 for our house with 2.5 bathrooms.  This included all new copper plumbing, PVC drains, vents, and gas lines.  It also included some sub-slab work (~10 ft).  This did not include fixtures. This also doesn’t include drywall (ours was a complete gut, so drywall work was done separately).  Hope this helps.

I can’t estimate the overall cost for complete home renovation, as we have renovated some spaces ourself. We wanted to make the renovation cheaper so we installed affordable kitchen cabinets bought from an online store (http://www.thertastore.com) and a granite countertop, the contractor was called for the bathroom only which overall costed near 7k to us.

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