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Home and Garden April 15, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Home inspection fees

We would be very interested to know what others have been charged for a home inspection (house, not condo). We’re interested in the range of fees, high and low, not just the “best price” – it would also be useful to get a sense of how large the property was. We’re trying to do a reality check on an invoice. Thanks.

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We were recently quoted $445 for a complete inspection of a row house in petworth. Alas, we didn’t win the bid, so we never took him up on the offer.

450 for a 2 unit building in NE

$550 for a 2200 st ft (including basement) row home – including termite inspection.

This was for one of the better-known inspection firms in the area (Claxton Walker – inspector was John Lewis, I think), and it was worth every penny. Some friends went with their Realtor’s inspector and are now dealing with thousands of dollars of issues that he didn’t catch.

We paid $475 for an inspection of a 4BDR townhouse, and $175 for a follow up to ensure all the repairs were done correctly. Easily saved thousands in repair costs! Do not use a recommendation from your realtor. Do ask if they get on the roof or if you have to find someone separately for that – apparently it varies.

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