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Topic: Hit and run. Police are no help. Advice needed, details inside.

Auto March 5, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Hit and run. Police are no help. Advice needed, details inside.

My car was smashed from behind in a hit and run last weekend in Lanier Heights. Luckily 2 witnesses saw the person do it and left me a note with the plate number. I filed a police report that night, but the police have refused to give me any information about the other driver, despite a hit and run being an arrest-able offense in DC.

On my way to the police station to try to get more information, I found the car that hit mine. I wrote down the VIN, registration number, make, model description, registration number and the number for the ticket that was sitting on the windshield. I also left a note with my contact information and letting them know that there were witnesses and that the police are involved.

My concern is this: I cannot find out any more information about the other driver (or more importantly, their insurance) despite all of the information that I have. The police are telling me that unless the actual owner of the car was the one to hit my car, there is nothing they can do.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are there any other avenues I can pursue legally to get this person to cover their damages?

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I had a similar incident in VA last year. Two witnesses notified me and gave me the plate and a description of the driver and what they THOUGHT was the drivers name based on conversation they heard. I called my insurance and reported everything, expecting to just have to put it down as a hit and run and have my own insurance cover it. Instead, my insurance company was able to identify the driver by the license plate info, and also identify their insurance company (maybe there is some database available to the insurers, I’m not sure). They then contacted the drivers insurance company, who advised the driver of the complaind and that there were witnesses willing to give statements. After a few days, the driver admitted fault and their insurance covered all of it. We did not involve the police at all. Good luck!

It sounds like your best bet it to document what you can, notify the police and document that you did so (keep notes of conversations too), and of course give this all to your insurance. There are problems with a case like this I can imagine, for even with witnesses testimony is less likely than a note, who was driving is a question, and even if it’s highly likely it was that car – what proof would you have? The cost of forensic work on a property crime may keep the police from doing the research to prove the case.

You should speak to hit and run accident attorney like these : http://downtownlalaw.com/hit-and-run-accident-attorney/.Your initial consultation will be free an you won’t be charged until they win the case. Good luck!

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