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Home and Garden December 9, 2011 at 1:20 pm

Historic Bricks

does anyone know how much historic bricks are worth? i have a pile bricks from 1914 from what was part of a 13″ thick wall, about 7′ x 10′? my gc wants to keep them but i feel like they must have some value and it would be silly to just give them away. thoughts?

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Tough question! If there is no architectural detail to them, they may not be worth a whole lot, but of course you never know–someone might need that exact style and be willing to pay a good amount. 1914 is old, but not real old, so these may not be particularly rare specimens. We used to get donated salavaged brick all the time at a place I used to work in Boston. We sold them at five cents apiece, but that may be low–we wanted to price them to move since they’re a pain to store.

Austindc: thanks for your replies; i couldn’t tell if he was trying to take advantage or not; i know i sound a bit paranoid but i wanted to make sure i was not giving away something much more valuable than the mere labor of moving them which while not easy is also not very difficult to achieve. They are not special other than being almost 100 years old so maybe they are not worth that much after all. BTW: are you from Austin or that’s your first name? cheers and thanks for writing.

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