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Announcements February 18, 2013 at 1:41 pm

Help us find a lost dog!

Lost Dog! Help us find Nika! Female Husky, about 45 lbs. Silvery gray with a small shaved spot on her left side. Escaped from yard at 3rd and Nicholson in DC, and seen headed toward Rock Creek Park. She’s a bit skittish so she might not let you approach her, but she’s a sweetheart. If seen call 202.288.0559 or 703.217.7376. Please spread the word!

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On my way into work this morning, I heard a report on WAMU of a loose husky (I believe) in the Chevy Chase area.  Someone had called in, concerned about the dog being near traffic.  Someone at WAMU then called animal control.  Could this be her?  Maybe you can call the station or animal control to check.  Best of luck!

Thanks for the note.  We’ll definitely follow up!

There was a posting online last night that said this, Could this be her?

A brown/white hound looking dog was spotted running loose at North Portal and 16th St at the border of Silver Spring, MD and DC (near Rock Creek Park). Looks skinny and hungry, eating food from garbage. When approached, the dog got scared and ran behind houses on Tamarack St. Anyone know of a dog like this missing in the area? Or can help in finding him? Poor thing looked very scared and hungry. Message Lisa Gueli Regnante here on FB

Great news.  Nika was picked up my Montgomery County Animal Control and has been returned to her owner.  Thanks so all who shared tips and kept an eye out.



Oh, that is so wonderful.  I hate the idea of a sweet dog being out on its own.  So happy for Nika and the owners!

Such great news!  Thanks for letting us know!

So glad to hear Nika was found – I was worried when I saw the “lost” flyers still posted in Rock Creek park yesterday, 4 days later.  Perhaps you could suggest to the owners that they go around and remove them.

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