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PoPville March 24, 2015 at 9:38 pm

HELP! Pepco is out of control

Dear Popville,

Our Pepco bill for February is $356, this is about $80 more than in January which was already extremely high for our two bedroom one bath condo. The bill states that our usage is about $270 (for ‘New electric supply charges-SOS Provider) which is approximately the same as last month’s bill (and already outrageous), however this month there is an added $85 charge (for ‘New electric distribution charges-Pepco’) which was not there before. We also have a Nest thermostat which is supposed to decrease our energy use, but our bill is going up every month significantly. Every bill states that it is an actual reading, but it doesn’t seem right either. We also went on Pepco’s website and realized that the chart stating what we’ve paid over the last four months (we moved here in November) does not match up to what our bill was (see attached screenshots). I don’t know what to do at this point, but I do know that $356 is way too much to pay for a 2 bedroom condo. Not to mention that our house has never been above 64 degrees this winter in an effort to minimize the bill. Do you know what this ‘New electric distribution charge’ is or if there is any action we can take to get our bill lowered to a reasonable price? Are there any other competitive providers who do not go through Pepco, or are they the only choice? Any advice is welcome!

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The same thing is happening to us! We live in a 550sf basement apartment and are very conservative with our energy use…yet our bills are $200+ and don’t seem to decrease at all with altered use, vacation time away from home, etc. VERY frustrating. Our upstairs neighbors have a place double the size + a full time nanny, so they use energy 24/7, yet they get half the bill.

I’ve put multiple calls in to Pepco and have had a service order request to check for meter problems pending since February 2nd. One representative told me that they are reading off an electronic meter now – which provides the office with an “estimate” vs someone coming out in person to do a reading. Needless to say I’m very skeptical about its accuracy. I just emailed their customer advocate yesterday asking what is going on as well but no response yet…

Exact same problem here! I live in a small 2BR 1Bath rowhouse and my bill through the winter months has been in the high 200’s, low 3’s. We keep the thermostat on 65-66. My bill also had a $75 charge for “new electric distribution surcharges” – whatever that means. Hoping that this good weather will help out, since I can turn off my heating and cooling system completely.

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