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General Discussion March 3, 2014 at 12:51 pm

Help make Petworth even better!


Will you take our 6 minute survey to help make Petworth even better?

I’m writing on behalf of my senior capstone group at AU. Our project is a marketing initiative to help give the Heart of Petworth business group a higher brand recognition and increase their foot traffic. We have a preliminary survey that we are trying to pass out to as many people as possible to outline marketing challenges and perceived strengths in Petworth. I’m sure you have heard of the NW bubble – AU kids tend to not leave their area, and we want to have a more accurate picture of Petworth from people who have actually BEEN to Petworth.


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You all should come over and visit – and not just a drive through.

Seriously, I have worked with both AU and GW student groups (and hold degrees from both of those schools), and have always been most impressed with the work of those groups that actually GO to the places their projects are based.

The map in your survey needs serious fixing. For one thing, it needs to be zoomed in to focus on the District and not its suburbs. There are also problems with how major streets are bolded (or not) and labeled. I live just south of Petworth and am having trouble finding it on your map, partly because what you’ve labeled as New Hampshire Avenue is actually North Capitol Street.
You might also consider redoing your question “What D.C. neighborhoods have you heard of?” with check-boxes and neighborhood names, rather than expecting people to list every single D.C. neighborhood they’ve heard of.

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