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Auto April 22, 2015 at 5:55 pm

Help! DC Lost my car

UPDATE: Found it after some more searching. It was towed to U St without being reported.

I forgot to move my car for street cleaning on Monday and it was towed to the 2300 block of 16th St NW (right by Meridian Hill Park). Since 16th street has no parking during rush hour, it received a ticket Tuesday morning, but had no indication of being towed again. Wednesday (today), I went to go check on my car, saw it was gone, and figured it was a courtesy tow. I called the Dept of Public Works inquiring about my car location, but the only record they have is of it being moved from Ontario Rd to 16th St and they don’t have it in a lot. I’ve called about four times today and had them transfer me around to talk to a few people, but no one can seem to find it.

I’ve heard the horror stories of DC moving a car and not recording its location, so I think it’s possible it may have been towed again (especially since it was in moved to a rush hour street). The only other thing I can do at this point is report it stolen, and I’d like to avoid that if my car’s sitting perfectly safe on a street somewhere.


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