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General Discussion August 9, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Head’s Up – Attempted Break-In on Park Place

Just wanted to post that our house was a victim of an attempted break-in yesterday afternoon.  The would-be thief attempted to kick in our back door, but was apparently scared away when the alarm system went off (we have ADT).  They did not gain access, and only minor damage to the surrounding door jamb/casing.
We do have a security camera that faces out the front of the house, and it did capture an unknown person only a couple of minutes before the alarm was triggered.  Pics are attached to this post.
DC Police responded quickly, but there was not much they could do, as entry didn’t happen and nothing was stolen.  They also mentioned that the pictures that were captured of the person on the front of the house could not be used, as the break-in was attempted in the rear, and it doesn’t depict the person actually breaking in (even though the pictures were captured 90 seconds before the alarm was triggered — NOT a coincidence in my opinion).
Be safe and be aware!

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A few additional images…


Hi! I’m almost 100% sure this is the person that attempted to break into our basement window on Rock Creek Church Road on Wednesday around 4 pm.  He came to the front door first and then used a crow bar on the basement window.  I witnessed him (as I live in the basement) and made eye contact with him a few times while I tried to figure out what he was up to.  He didn’t gain access either and there was no damage, so I got the same word from the police.  They wouldn’t even do fingerprints; just suggested we get a better security system.
Could you post more pictures? The additional images aren’t showing up.
Thanks so much! Glad you guys are safe.

We’ve had a couple of attempted break-ins on Princeton Pl in Park View during the day as well.  They tried to kick in my neighbors back door but were unsuccessful.  Not sure if their two dogs were enough to scare them off. 

Do you have a security/storm door?

Are these doors with iron bars over them?

Yikes. We live in parkview as well and the first thing we did when we moved in was put bars on the basement window. Yes they are ugly but we are doing our best to grow bushes in front of them.  We also installed an alarm.   Can you ask your landlord to have bars put on the windows?

I was totally perplexed by the law enforcement policy on this.  I even had the cops come back out the next day to try to file a report or at least get fingerprints; they spoke to their supervisor, a sergeant, and there’s nothing to be done.  One of them literally said, “He could have been coming in to take a nap.  There’s no way to know his intent if he didn’t get in.” 
They then told me that sometimes people will try the same houses.  To which I said, “So, next time he comes back, I should let him in a little.”  Yikes is right.
Yes, I put in a request immediately for bars on all of the windows.  Luckily, my landlord was horrified, too, and is honoring that request.

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