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Having jewelry appraised

My mother is givng away a bunch of jewelry away since she never wears it.  The ring she gave me appears to be quite nice and of some value, but I don’t know the first thing about having jewelry appraised.  Could anybody recommend someone reputable in the area to take it to to get an estimate? I’m actually thinking of using the profits for an engagement ring, so any help is greatly appreciated

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Most jewelry stores will do it, but there is a fee. Call around and get some quotes. I think it’s usually done on an hourly basis. Or maybe check here? http://www.najaappraisers.com/html/find_an_appraiser.html

Not all jewelers will appraise or work with jewelry they didn’t sell you themselves (example: Tiffanys).  I had my grandmother’s ring appraised at Boone and Sons.  They have a few locations around DC and have been in business in the area for ages.  They will also buy some vintage/estate jewelry off you (or put it towards the cost of a new ring) if you are in the market… 

A bit tangential, but…  Is your mother aware that you’re thinking of selling the ring?  If she’s not, and if she had any sentimental feelings about the ring, I could see this potentially causing big-time friction if you sell it and she doesn’t know until after the fact.
Maybe not applicable in the case of your particular family and this particular ring, but I wanted to throw the warning out there, just in case.

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