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Having a sheep “mow” the lawn

This question is silly but I figured it was worth a shot. In Paris, they deploy sheep to “eco-graze” the lawn http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/04/world/europe/sheep-tend-lawn-outside-city-archives-in-paris.html . is there some way to get a farmer to lend some of his animals to the same purpose for a smaller lawn in Columbia Heights? As long as we’re going to pay to get it done, I’d rather do something more environmentally sustainable.

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plants are more environmentally sustainable than a lawn and more fun for a small space.  I obsess over my front yard garden.

Seriously? Hauling sheep into the city would be a huge pain in the ass.
If you’re worried about the environment, buy a push mower.

Yes, I know this is probably unfeasible. But maybe it’s not. That’s why I asked.

I’ve always thought it would be a great business to have 4-5 goats and a border collie and take them around in a pick-up truck to graze people’s lawns.  More suited to Potomac McMansion type lawns then city rowhouses however.

I think there would be a lot of time involved to get the lawn mowed completely, and the sheep wouldn’t discern grass from flowers or plants you wanted to keep. They used to do it for the White House lawn back in the day, but they also had to provide them with food (I don’t know much about it, but I’ve seen a few horses eat an entire overgrown summer over just a few months).
If you had the space and the city allowed it, it would make more sense to have a goat, sheep, or horse to eat your grass on a regular basis instead of getting a hired one, though you’d have to supplement its food…but I don’t think it would be economical considering the time spent to haul the sheep around to place to place.

We had some goats come to AU last year to “mow” part of our quad. It was just for fun though, not something we do on a routine basis.

 do you have their contact info?

wait apparently http:// http://www.eco-goats.com/faq.shtml . Thanks for steering me in the direction of goats rather than sheep!

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