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Having a baby; should we buy a car?

Hello PoPville —

My husband and I are expecting our first baby next year and are trying to think through expenses. One issue that we’ve been throwing around is whether having a car would make life with a baby much easier. Neither of have had a car for the last 10 years or so, and we’re generally pretty happy that we don’t have to deal with the expenses and hassle. There are times — perhaps once a week or so — when we like to get somewhere a little more quickly or to a place that’s slightly inconvenient via public transportation, and we usually use car2go then. Obviously, with a baby, car2go would be out.

All this to say, should we get a car? I assume that normal errands with a baby in tow would be harder without a car — we usually walk from the grocery store, but probably couldn’t do that with as many groceries with a baby, for example. And obviously it would take more time to get to doctor’s appointments and the like (we hear little kids have lots of those). Is quality of life with a kid way better with a car? Is it worth the expense? Or do people get by almost as well as they used to in their pre-baby days on metro/bus and on foot? We live in Columbia Heights and don’t have an off-street parking spot, though we think we could pretty easily find street parking around us.


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This is an unequivocal yes [for me]. My fiancee and I both have cars, but I plan on getting rid of mine in a year or so. I briefly thought about both of us getting rid of a car, but if we have a baby later I thought NO WAY! Just think, yes you will have A LOT of doctor’s appointments especially in the first year of his/her life. Then when the baby gets sick you will want to get to the doctor as fast as possible. Grocery store trips, random errands, taking the baby to see friends/family will all be made easier by a car. You don’t have to get anything super expensive and insuring a car in DC actually isn’t too bad if you have a good driving record.

i wouldn’t. get a pull-cart and a baby carrier. more parents should “baby wear”. its so efficient.

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