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Governement and Politics April 2, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Has DC raised parking meter fines?

In the last two weeks?  I used to park in Georgetown and get $25 fines.  Now, the same location and offense (PO39 expired meter) is costing $50 per occurence?

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Would love to know the answer. I park in Georgetown frequently.


Yes, got a $50 expired meter ticket in Georgetown last week.

That’s particularly wonderful in combination with the increasingly incomprehensible and inadequately posted meter parking rules.

Seems reasonable to me. The cost of a violation should be more than 12x an hour of parking, as the odds of getting caught I would guesstimate are under 1/12. I think a $50 fine is reasonable. Feed the meter, or stop parking too long where you aren’t supposed too!

Yep it recently went up to $50.  All you need to do is get a fake MD or VA handicap placard and park for free all day at any meter in the city.   Thanks DC council!

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