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Has anyone used Petpeeps.biz?

My regular petsitter is going to be out of town and I am considering using Petpeeps.biz for a few days.  Has anyone used them before?  I have two lazy old dogs and one annoyed cat.

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I used them and they missed an appointment because I came home 7 hours early and found a note saying they had been at our home that evening, but it was noon…they never showed up for the evening walk.  They didn’t ever do anything to make it right either and charged me for the walk.  I use Capital Pet SItters and recommend Jim, he’s great.

Similar experience here.  Was told by numerous neighbors that the “30 minute walks” amounted to 5 minutes at most.  I don’t use a dog walker anymore, however.  My dogs seem to do better just being left at home to sleep the day away.  Actually fewer accidents in the house than when we used a walking service.  Wierd.


Ugh I’ll keep in mind never to use PepPeeps. Another terrible one is FurPals Petcare. I hired them to visit three times a day for 4 1/2 days to pill my cat. They told me everything went perfectly and the cat was very easy to care for (which was a bit shocking to me, honestly). I could have helped them if they told me they were having trouble — all I wanted was for my cat to be getting his meds. But instead I came home to an almost dead cat and had to spend 2k at the emergency vet the night I got home. 
I highly recommend Mindful Pet Services, especially if you have a special needs animal. She is more expensive than others I have used, but actually shows up, genuinely cares, and used to be a vet tech so is capable of dealing with all types of animals.

I also had a negative experience with PetPeeps. Have been loving http://www.sitapet.com/. The same person comes to care for my pets every time and she takes really good care of them.


I’ve had good experiences with PetPeeps. I’ve used them a number of times in the last 2 years.  Each time I get a text message from the sitter giving me an update on my dog.  S/he leaves a detailed note with the dog’s “activity” on the walks.   


I’ve had great luck with Tails of the City for petsitting for my cats.  They offer dogwalking as well.  


I had one good experience with Pet Peeps thus far.  I have one cat and went out of town for a week without anyone available to watch him.  The Pet Peeps person sent me occaisional text updates and/or emails, and brought in our mail.  The only thing I didn’t like is that they require 2 sets of keys for them to keep permanently, which can be difficult to obtain if you live in an apartment complex.

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