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Has anyone seen our kitten?

Cute little guy ran out the door two days ago and hasn’t returned. Last seen near the corner of 10th and Randolph Sts., NW. Black and white face, black body, white paws.  See photo taken a few months ago– he has grown since, but is still smallish/thin. Friendly and curious. Answers (sometimes) to the name Astro.
He has a collar with a phone number and is microchipped, but we haven’t heard anything.

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Ohh, what a cutie! Haven’t seen him yet but I live close by and will keep my eyes peeled…

Aww, very cute indeed!  I remember hearing that lost indoor cats usually don’t go very far, but they’re so afraid/stressed that they won’t necessarily respond to even their owners calling their name.  Maybe try looking under neighbors’ porches/decks?


There’s a black and white who wanders the block of 10th between Quincy and Randolph periodically, but I think he is older.
I live really close, and I feed the feral tortie cats. I have not seen him show up for food yet. We’ll keep an eye out for him.

Yay! Astro returned this morning . . . hungry, but unscathed by his adventure.  He won’t tell us where he’s been.  Thanks, all, for the concern and for keeping your eyes out for him.



So glad to hear this good news!

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