Has anyone hired day laborers fromt the Home Depot parking lot?

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Topic: Has anyone hired day laborers fromt the Home Depot parking lot?

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Has anyone hired day laborers fromt the Home Depot parking lot?

Help!  I started painting a large room and hurt my back.  I’m thinking of hiring a couple of the guys looking for work in front of Home Depot to finish the job.  Has anyone done this?   I don’t speak Spanish…

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I’ve used them on numerous occasions, but I speak Spanish. I have only used them as unskilled labor. Some may have various construction skills, but I would not put too much trust in that. I’ve used them to dig holes, landscape, demo work, etc. I would not recommend using them for detail work. Basically use them for grunt work or as a helping hand. I usually pay them around $10/hr and they’ve been happy with that. Sometimes I tip a bit if they do a really good job. I would not let them do anything inside your house where they might get a look at what you have. On the inside, I’ve used them only for demo work and painting in my basement. Other than that, it has been outside work, building a fence, etc. Also, decide ahead of time how many you need. I usually get just one and work with them one on one. When you pull up, be prepared to be swarmed. Pick one that looks younger and healthy, and tell all the ones that swarm you that you need just one. Also, when you pull up, keep your doors locked and only let the one you pick in. Once I pulled up, and a bunch tried to hop in my car! I had to tell them I just wanted one and make them leave.

I am not commenting on whether to hire those guys to help.  I am conflicted on that topic.  But I am going to comment on how incredibly offensive the answer above is on so many levels.  If I didn’t know the context, I would think you were talking about a slave trade.  “Pick one that looks younger and healthy…”!?  

I have to agree with bfinpetworth but I’m not generally conflicted on the topic. There are so many unemployed unskilled and skilled construction workers that I think it is pretty unethical to invite those who may be unauthorized to work into your home. 1. it is painting, can’t you ask a friend to help? 2. you’re picking someone up off the street and bringing them into your home, are you really comfortable with that?


Well I’m not offended by Brookland-rez’s answer — his advice is spot-on.  I definitley wouldn’t use Home Depot day labor for interior painting though. You’ll have much better luck for landscaping or demolition.  And seriously for that type of work, why on earth would you hire some overweight old guy over a young healthy guy?  

I have “hired” a couple of those guys before. I had a sleeper sofa that must have weighed several hundred pounds, it was the middle of August and I needed to get the behemoth up two and half flights of stairs and into my condo.
So I drive over to the Home Depot and stop (yes you definitely get swarmed), and say I need two guys to help move something. Two guys jump in my van and that was it. I paid them each $20 and a bottle of water and drove them back to Home Depot. The entire thing took maybe 30 minutes.
I’m also not offended by Brookland-Rez’s answer either….just putting that out there.

We had four amazing guys help us move, we paid them more than they asked and bought them lunch. They worked tirelessly all day alongside us. We don’t speak spanish, one in the group spoke English. We all had a pretty good time working together and I’m glad I could offer someone a day’s wage. I will say that many of the laborers are unskilled or not skilled in the area you are hiring (how would you know?), the work may be sloppier than if you hired a licensed or accredited professional.
Like others said, pulling into home depot is really overwhelming. It was really a sad scene to see when so many unemployed men desparate for work bombard your truck and jump to take your offer without even knowing the task or the pay.  I can see how a bad person could easily take advantage of them.  Something is very wrong with the entire picture.  Legal or illegal, no one should be in that situation.

I have hired quite a few folks from here… never had any issues. if its painting your doing go to a paint store they will be out there as well.

Yes I gave it a try. I took a friend that speaks Spanish and English very well, fluently. i need dirt hauled away. We found two day workers that agreed to work the day for one hundred fifty dollars. I rented a tractor and gave the one guy fifty dollars more for towing the tractor. I loaded the trucks and they drove about six miles to a place where another tractor waited and he unloaded the trucks with the tractor. This was done through the coarse of the day. I bought lunch for everyone. At the end of the day I paid them. One of them asked what the money was for and I said for payment on the days work. He then informs me that they agreed to one hundred fifty dollars a load, which would take the total to twelve hundred dollars a sum I would have never agreed to. I’m still getting hassled by these guys to pay for something I did not agree to. DO NOT TRUST A DAY WORKER!

Sorry to hear about that situation. Most people I’ve talked to have had positive experiences with day laborers, including myself. I assume you offered $150 per person, not for both of them? I think your story points to the fact that it’s extremely important to lay out the payment expectations clearly using an adequate translator. I personally triple check that everyone is in agreement before even leaving the parking lot. While I do think most laborers are honest people just trying to earn a living, I have no doubt that just like in any other business there will be some unscrupulous ones.

yes I picked up guys there several times back when the economy was good, mostly because I couldn’t get somebody to work on Sunday or I’d hurt my back. used for rock spreading pulling weeds tile grouting yes I assume half of those guys have skills. the ones that are from Mexico or Puerto Rico or just looking for a way to make money for their families.I’ve always picked up older guys not younger.never had any problems. nowadays the economy is kind of in a slump and hell I’d even stood out there and got jobs myself. and I’m a gringo

Excuse me, but I wouldn’t buy in to coments like what your hearing about workers at home depot. I’ve worked off that corner many of times. With professional people including Doctors and lawyers. I’ve also been left alone in homes to work. Who are you to insinuate everyone out there is a unskilled thief. Im a 50 year old veteran U.S. ARMY. Give some respect for people out there trying to make an honest living. You can always hire a professional or go to a temp sevice, whatever. This guy evidently don’t have a clue. Get laid off a job, I’ll see you out there flying a sign. HOMELESS ANYTHING HELPS.

Can somebody tell me which Home Depot to pick up day help and the best time?

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