Has anyone else in Bloomingdale been attacked by a group of kids?

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Topic: Has anyone else in Bloomingdale been attacked by a group of kids?

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Has anyone else in Bloomingdale been attacked by a group of kids?

Last night around 6:30 PM, my roommate was attacked by a group of kids on the doorstep of our rowhouse. We live in Bloomingdale, a few doors up from the corner of U and First Street NW. My roommate was walking home from the Shaw metro, when she turned up Second Street NW and U, she noticed two teen girls (~13 years old) walking behind her. Once she was trying to open the front door to our english basement, the girls asked her if she could help them with something. My roommate turned around and noticed that a group of boys were standing behind the girls and a few of them were wearing face masks. My roommate declined to help the girls and that’s when they started yelling profanities at her and threatening her. One of the girls threw a handful of rocks at my roommate and that’s when the boys followed, throwing rocks, sticks, and metal siding at her. After being hit in the head with a large rock, she threatened to call the police and they told her that they needed a new cellphone so she should get it out. When she dialed 911, the kids took off running down the alley behind New Reservoir Market. 
Has anyone else living in the Bloomingdale area been attacked by a group of teens? 

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I lived in the Shaw area about a year ago and there were some kids in the alley behind my house. (near New Jersey and Q) They were throwing bottles and rocks up onto our 2nd floor deck and when I came outside with my dogs, they started yelling profanities at me. When they saw my 2 massive dogs, they got spooked and ran away – but before they disappeared, one of the kids pulled out a knife and told me he would use it on the dogs if I let them out. 

My apartment also got broken into twice at this location – even with ADT security in place. The police were incredibly slow to respond and never had any leads. We also had our car damaged and broken into in our parking spot. Between the robberies and this other incident, we decided to move instead of installing bars on all of our doors and windows. 

I was attacked 10 days ago by likely the same group. They cornered me in the alley between S and Seaton. First a girl came running up asking if I wanted to donate to “their, um, organization.” Then the boys caught up and sensing they were up to no good I tried to move past them. One of them came up from behind and hit me hard in the head (possibly with an object), breaking my glasses into my face, leaving me bleeding and with a swollen eye. They didn’t take anything. I’m guessing the donation ploy was to get me to pull out my wallet for them to grab.
I called 911 immediately and the cops were in front of my house within 2 minutes and searched around for the kids but didn’t find them.
This sounds like it’s becoming a serious problem and I’d be interested in working with other neighbors or the police to try to find a solution.

I was robbed on my street last week in Columbia Heights (around the corner from DC USA) at 6 pm. A high schooler in a school uniform grabbed my iPhone and ran.

This is really disgusting and disturbing. I feel bad for all of you who’ve been attacked, and for these kids who clearly need some serious intervention. My mama woulda beat my ass if I’d even attempted to do anything like this. 

This is horrible and frightening.  There is a clear issue with teenagers and harassement in this city.  Is there anything that can be done?

I saw what sounds like this same group Tuesday late afternoon. They were walking by U and Flagler. 2 of the boys had sweaters covering their face, and they were walking around with objects, like white rods of some type. At the corner of U and Flagler the house has a dog and it started barking at the kids. The girls and boys started yelling at the dog, and one of them started to use his white rod to bang the wooden fence and try to scare the dog away. This is a big dog and it just started to bark more. The kids kept walking eventually towards 2 and U. 

At the time I thought these were kids having fun in a bit of a rowdy way and shrugged it off. Now seeing this thread it’s clear that it was the same group and had I known I would have definitely taken a picture.
If any of you see this please take a photo and send it to us. Feel free to post it on the EastNorthwest DC Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/eastnorthwestdc) and somehow let’s get the word out. I assume they will be back. 
Also if anybody sees where they live – please post the info. I’m less concerned about having these kids sent to a correctional facility, than I am about maintaining the safety and peace of our neighborhood.

The truth of the matter is no one will touch this issue cause it’s related to the public housing, and no one wants to point out that simple fact.  The kids doing the marauding are not driving in from MD, and the vast majority are not living in $800,000 row homes.  There’s a reason why it’s so hard to get people to invest in businesses within blocks of projects.  Although I support help to the poor, I don’t think we should tolerate violence, particularly by teens just looking for fun, as the price we have to pay.

I have a friend who was attacked by a group of teens at First and Q NW a few months ago. They were apparently hanging out on the steps of a church, saw my friend and his friend, and decided to throw punches for fun. 100% sure they came from the low income housing. It’s sad because I support low income housing for the poor, but they really do make neighborhoods more dangerous. What about the 13 people shot on North Capitol? Happened outside another low income housing unit. 

The community has to act on this…take pictures of any group of kids that may be used later for identification purposes, report to 911 even suspicious acting kids (THE POLICE DO NOT MIND), anyone being harrassed should yell LOUDLY and all neighbors should come out to help. We are community and we should help each other…we outnumber the punks.  The police will do what they can and we should do what we can to catch these kids and teach them a lesson their parents aren’t teaching them.  Take Action.

If anyone is still following this thread, Commander Solberg has posted a statement on the MPD5 list and it has been posted on the Bloomingdale blog.
Reminder to neighbors: Community walk is tonight – Tuesday, March 26, at 7. Join us!

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