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General Discussion June 22, 2013 at 9:51 am

Hamster Items Gently Used

My two adorable Robo hamsters passed away from old age during the past two weeks and I’m looking for some way to unload all their hamster stuff. Everything is in excellent condition as well as clean and sterilized. I have habitats, play-pens, hidey-holes, connector tubes (they attach to the playpens), running ball, extra un-used bedding, and lots of good leftover food and treats. The total worth of everything combined is about $300, but ideally I’d like to get just a fraction of that back so I’m asking for $50. Can anyone please let me know if you know of forums online where I can advertise for these items? I’m not getting any bites from Craigslist. Pick-up location is Petworth close to the metro. THANKS.


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