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Shopping January 26, 2013 at 9:56 am

groceries in petworth

Hi everyone,
we are just moving to Petworth and trying to figure out the best grocery and household supply shopping tactic. 
While shopping at the !yes market would be lovely, it’s simply too pricey. Are there any fresh organic produce stores around? How about local/artisan stores…
We look forward to input!

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In petworth, nothing other than Yes and the new Safeway under construction. If you have a car, head to either Wholefoods or Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan.  There is a weekly farmers market that starts in the spring which is nice but I don’t recall seeing much organic produce there. You may have more luck at the Columbia Heights farmers market.

Agreed. I live in Petworth and drive each week to Whole Foods.  The Yes! is great for little last-minute things, but it’s way too expensive for weekly shopping.  There’s the awesome Friday afternoon market during warmer months, and I’m hoping that the new Safeway will rock so that eventually I don’t have to give crazy-pants John Mackey (Whole Foods CEO) all of my money. 

Not really in Petworth, and not organic, but I really like PanAm for super cheap produce (though I wouldn’t recommend it for most fruit or packaged goods, and I’m vegetarian so don’t know about the meat).

Annie’s Ace Hardware 1240 Upshur St for household supplies. Great staff and fair prices.

thank you so much for all the responses. We will likely continue heading to whole foods unless we can find an affordable CSA arrangement. 
Also, I wanted to express our appreciation for this forum, its members and the sense of community spirit. We missed this when living in Van Ness


I don’t get it – am I just buying different stuff than everyone else?
I don’t find Yes! to be any more expensive than Whole Foods.


I agree… Yes doesn’t seem any more expensive than Whole Foods for the stuff I get, and some things are the same price as Safeway/Giant (cheddar cheese, almond/soy milk, granola, some produce, eggs etc.).
If you have a car another option is the Van Ness Giant, it can be less than a 10 minute drive depending on where you live in Petworth.

We use Yes! and Giant the most.  If you’re looking for a good CSA-esque service, check out Washington’s Green Grocier.  You can pretty much do all of your grocery shopping through them.

Also there’s 3 little pigs, since you asked about artisan stores. They have delicious house-cured meats and their sandwiches are great. But not cheap, and their service is often very slow.

I did Earth Spring Farm’s CSA last year, and was happy (though you need to really love your veggies). I also had a fruit share and an egg share. They have a couple drop points in Petworth:

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