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Food and Dining March 29, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Good vegetable plant sales?

Hey gardeners!  
I usually start my own seeds, but this year I’m looking to buy seedlings for my vegetable garden.  I know that I can find them at HD and other hardware stores, but the selection is spotty and I’m looking for some fascinating varieties of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, marigolds, and so on. Where can I find seedlings like this? 
Ancillary questions: 
* Has anyone been to the Franciscan Monastery and National Arboretum sales?  What kind of vegetable selection do they have?
* Any nearby farms or famer’s markets that are especially good about selling seedlings?

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Takoma Park Farmers Market is great place to get seedlings.  It is open on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. There are some other farmers markets around town that also have seedlings. 

The best place for variety is DeBaggio’s Herb Farm, but it means a hike out to Chantilly (don’t let the name fool you: they carry a lot more than herbs).  Please do NOT buy from Home Depot; their stock comes from a huge distribution center and they are reponsible for spreading virus-laden plants and soil throughout the entire southeastern U.S.  Your other options are Johnson’s Garden Center on Van Ness (not as many varieties but they’re more local) or any number of farmer’s markets in the city.

Feel free to email me at ross(dot)margulies(at) I grow my own seedlings at home and grow a number of unique and interesting varietales. I grow way too many for home use.

Columbia Heights farmer’s market – I think it is Chelsea Farms?  They have the best assortment of veggies & plants.  I’ve bought seedlings from them past 3 years and all have been superb.  Plus, the guy will really tell you about the plants – what kind of tomato do you like?  Sweet?  Tart? Beefy?  Etc.  Like a veggie psychiatrist.  Doesn’t try to force or upsell you either.  First year I was looking for cucumber plants, he said – hell, just stick some seeds in the ground, they’re easy to grow.   (They are!)  I’m still buying my tomato plants from them – and sinfully delicious little eggplants.  Seriously – like eggplant flavored sticks of butter. 

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