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Topic: Good places to get Foie Gras?

Food and Dining November 14, 2012 at 10:56 pm

Good places to get Foie Gras?

Dear fellow carnivores:
I just recently got into Foie Gras, anyone know any good places to induldge?

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That’s a tough one – Foie Gras is SO delicious and so terribly cruel.  I’m a happy carnivore, no PETA nut and not even religious about free-range etc. (though I do try) but had to draw the line at foie gras.   Check out the details and decide for yourself.

not something I partake in, however, friends just recently raved about the foie gras at Eola.

Bistro du Coin had an ok version, haven’t been in a while.  Birch and Barley has a good one.  Most of the higher end places dining rooms have it.  70 results on yelp so it seems like it is more popular than I thought.  I feel like I can never find it when I want it though.
I never heard of foie gras until Chicago banned it a while ago.  I became curious to try it and fell in love.  If anything I think bans on it only raise its popularity.

I’ve had it at Oval Room a while back and remember it being tasty. Bistro D’Oc has a lentil soup topped with foie gras that I’ve been meaning to try.

If you are talking about where to order it in a restaurant in the city, all of the above work.  Fiola would be a good place too.  If you want to cook with it, it’s difficult to get.  Best bet is order it online from Hudson Valley ( has canned and frozen foie gras you can order, among other yummy but expensive items.

Dean and Deluca in Georgetown usually has some if you are looking to cook with it

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