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Public Safety March 23, 2014 at 7:04 pm

Getting rid of drug dealers (Hill East/Atlas/Rosedale)


I’ve lived just south of Benning Rd in Northeast for almost a year now. I love my neighborhood and my neighbors, with the exception of one building on the street.

My street is made up of 4-unit apartment buildings in the standard 2×2 format with a staircase in the middle. One building seems to exist solely for the distribution of drugs. All hours of the day and night there are drug dealers hanging around this building, very obviously dealing drugs. This brings in many unsavory characters into the neighborhood who are loud, litter, loiter, and often fight with each other.

I’ve talked with my neighbors who hate the presence of the dealers and have described the building as a trap house yet they are unwilling to do anything about it because they don’t know how or think that no one cares about the neighborhood.

Based on the police response I’ve gotten, my neighbors seem to be right. I’ve called in to the police multiple times to complain about the neighbors dealing drugs and being extremely loud (on one occasion, they blasted bass from their car at a level that made my apartment shake). Each time the police just do a slow roll by, never getting out of their cars.

Honestly I wouldn’t have a problem with this situation except it now seems to be getting worse and worse. When I moved in across the street there were only a few guys hanging around at a time, now on any given night there are maybe 20 dudes hanging around this house. They often spread across the street, dealing in front of different buildings (including my own). I’d really like to not have to walk through a drug deal when I get home from work.

I’m wondering if any one has had any experience with this kind of problem and could give me any advice about what to do. My local ANC only referred me to the police, who I mentioned before have given weak/ineffective responses.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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First thing is contact the commander of the police for your ward. Email, phone, face to face doesn’t matter. Enlist the help of other neighbors if you can. Find out who owns the building and complain to them. Call 911 morning/noon and night. The police need the numbers to drive them to put cars in the area. Get a group of emails from your neighbors that want to get rid of them and when you or one of them see something send out an email so all others can make 911 calls too. Get lights, lots of light, get your neighbors to leave front porch lights on as much as possible. Drug dealers need darkness to do their thing and they are like roaches and hate the light. Call DCRA and report any housing issues occurring on the property. The owner will get fined if they don’t take care of it. Call Tommy Wells and if he doesn’t help you get pictures and send to the press about how he is do nothing CM and not to vote for him. He doesn’t need this now with the election coming up.

Don’t feel your alone this happened on a block I lived on in Capitol Hill and we got rid of the dealers. It is a beautiful street now and folks kill themselves to buy homes there.

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