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General Discussion September 11, 2013 at 6:28 pm

Getting a Security Deposit back

I moved out of my apartment over 3 months ago and my landlord still has not returned my security deposit. He has said via email he has mailed a couple checks to my new address but none have shown up. I know legally he was required to return it within 45 days, but I’m not sure what the next step is to enforce this. Office of the Tenant Advocate? Department of Consumer Affairs? Small Claims court? Anyone have experience seeking a legal solution?

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Tell him put a stop on those checks and arrange a time to pick it up in person. If he doesn’t agree to that, something shady is up. Then, I would start with the Office of the Tenant Advocate.

I’ve done smalls claim court before and it’s inexpensive but time-consuming. you have to go down to smalls claim court near judiciary metro, fill out paperwork, $50 fees, $10 for certified mail to serve process or $50 to hire a process server from the telephone book to hand deliver and ensure proof of process to the judge or you cant proceed with your case. then after that is done, you’ll present your evidence, copy of a signed lease/ cancelled check with the deposit total and copies of emails from landlord citing that they owe you the balance and have tried to send you checks and all their runaround… I personally would avoid, but not legal advice. There is a free legal advocate office in the same building where you can field the questions. I would push to meet the landlord in person and pickup a check. If they avoid your calls, go knock on their door and ask them to write you a check. If they avoid you at the door, looks like you’ll need to resort to getting legal advice or small claims route… even with small claims, you can get a judgement, but you cant force them to hand over money to you so there is no guarantee you actually get money even if you win. sucks right?

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