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Home and Garden October 3, 2012 at 5:41 pm

Gas Fireplace?

I have an old row house with two fireplaces downstairs that are currently not in use.  They are not particularly large, and probably used to hold a coal box, not a real wood-burning fireplace.  The person who renovated the home before we bought it ran a gas line to the fireplace, but did not go the extra step to actually converting it into a gas fireplace.  Can anyone recommend a fireplace installer/contractor who could assist us with completing this project?  Has anyone done this before?  Any advice on gas fireplaces, vented vs. ventless vs. inserts, etc. would be much appreciated!

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I haven’t actually done it yet, but this store in Richmond sells inserts that will fit in the old coal fireplaces.  It’s on my list of things to do someday.  I’m sure they could recommend an installer as well.

We had a ventless gas log set installed in our rowhouse fireplace. It is the best improvement we’ve done so far. With a ventless log set, almost all of the generated heat stays in the house (w/vented it goes up the chimney). it heats our whole first and second floor, and our winter gas bills are lower. this was a happy, unintended consequence. The gas log people can tell you, based on the size of the room and firebox which way to go, but we’re really happy with ventless. We used Cyprus Air in Alexandria. They were just okay – great in the showroom, but slooooow with the actual install part. the permitting process is time-consuming and expensive. the sooner you get it done, the quicker it will be – Nov/Dec is high season for fireplace installation.

One more thing – they will try to charge you extra for the remote control. This is BS. We declined the remote, and then lo and behold, our log set came with a remote.

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