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Public Safety October 12, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Frustrated pedestrian.


What legal recourses do pedestrians have if a driver nearly hits them (stops within inches of them) while the pedestrian has the right of way? I have little time to respond other than an inappropriate gesture or word. What I would like to do is pummel the car with whatever I have on hand. If I call police to report a specific driver/license, can the driver be charged with a crime? Is it legal of me to stand in front of the vehicle/ physically stop the vehicle that almost hit me and call the cops?  

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No, you cannot impede someone’s progress just because you had a close traffic call with them. I would highly discourage you from doing any of this, as it is likely to lead to escalation and violence; better to escape from a close call unscathed than to end up getting stabbed by an angry crazy driver. You can call the police and report their license plate, but it is unlikely that this will result in anything.


I figured. I wrote this last night after almost being hit again. I’m also pregnant, and the location is right next to an elementary school. Maybe I’ll fashion a potato gun on my walks from now on. Drivers can be such a@@!#$#$.

ib, I’m a runner and have been hit, bumped or nearly hit more times than I can count. About two years ago I nearly got run over in the snow in the middle of a cross walk (it was green). I had to jump back and then slipped on the snow/ice. I slammed my nearly frozen water bottle into the car and waved my hands – to alert the driver. She chased me down a half mile later, in the snow and threatened to kill me, run me over and who knows what else. Since then I figured its safer to just avoid confrontation. Sorry that you have had this happen to you – but no need to put yourself in harms way a second time.

I slammed my hand down on the back of a car that nearly ran over me and six other people legally in the crosswalk. He managed to park his car (in a tight parking neighborhood) and run more than two blocks to catch up with me and yell at me. Thankfully, the other six people all happened to be still walking right around me. Several of them stuck up for me and he went away. I would and have done it again. 

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