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Home and Garden June 26, 2012 at 3:05 pm

Front yard gardens – legal in DC?


In light of some news I’ve seen this year where folks have gotten in trouble with their city for having gardens in their front yards, I was wondering if DC had a stance on this before I turned half of my small front yard into some sort of vegetable garden.  I was thinking some greens, herbs and tomatoes, nothing too extensive considering it’s about a 5×11 space.  I’ve seen several front yards in Hill East with gardens, including a condo with quite a large one on Mass Ave SE between 17th and 18th.  Is this OK with the city?

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Why would you think they aren’t?


Because this is DC and you never know what crazy laws are on the books.

I think I read in the historic board pamphlets that vegetable gardens are not appropriate for historic districts. That said, I certainly know of many who grow herbs, and at least one house with a full fledged garden in an historic district. Separately, if you annoy your neighbors you could possibly be opening yourself up to weed ordnance violations.

I’ve done it for three years. no problems. in fact, i’m already in my second season this year of eating out of it. What’s taking you so long? :p

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