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Found Tuxedo Cat Near U St/Howard University

A very friendly and gorgeous black and white tuxedo cat has been hanging out in my backyard, meowing outside of my window this morning. She (or he?) doesn’t seem to be very familiar with being outside, is clean and is very affectionate, which leads me to believe she is someone’s lost indoor kitty. If you recognize this little cat, please let me know! She is very anxious to come inside, but unfortunately, I have two very territorial cats of my own and just can’t bring her in. But, I will give her some food and water and look out for her in my backyard for the time being!  

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It looks like Georgia.  There are “Missing” signs posted at the dog parks in the area, and other stores, too, I think.  Don’t have the contact info, just the fact that I’ve seen signs posted. 

Thanks!! Do you know which dog park you saw the sign? I’ll check it out on my way home from work today. I am planning to take the cat to the vet later today to see if she has a microchip to scan. FYI, I did end up bringing her inside where she is safe and sound… I didn’t have the heart to leave her out overnight!

isn’t Georgia a dog?  This kitty could be owned by one of my neighbors on Ontario Road. Just sent him a text message to see if he’s found his cat, Angel, who went missing a week or two ago.  Will keep you posted.

okay, have confirmed that this isn’t Angel from Ontario Rd.   Good luck and I hope you find the owner!

Have you taken it to the animal shelter to see if it’s microchipped?

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