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Found friendly grey & white cat

A grey & white male cat has been coming by my house just within the last week. He is very thin and mangled, but friendly. I have contacted Alley Cat Allies and the Catnipp program. My main concern is that it looks like he has been on the streets for some time and needs vet care. If I take him to the shelter will they treat him?

I cannot keep him since I have a non-cat friendly dog and am allergic to cats!

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If you can get the CatNIPP program to lend you a humane trap, I’d imagine that WHS could give him veterinary care while he’s there for vaccinations/neutering. I don’t know for sure, but you could e-mail or phone to ask.

Hi textdoc,
They have just emailed me to say they can do that for him, but then he would be returned to the street. He really needs a home….

DCDuchess — Hmm. Maybe start by getting him trapped, neutered, vaccinated, and vet-treated, return him to the alley, and try to find a home for him after that? He might be a better candidate for adoption if he’s in a better state medically (and cosmetically).

It’s a shame for a friendly kitty to be living out on the street, but until/unless you can find a home for him, maybe you can provide him with shelter on a porch (or deck or whatever) and with food/water? (Make sure to do any feeding during daylight hours and to remove any uneaten food after 30 minutes, so that it doesn’t end up getting eaten by rats.)

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