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PoPville August 1, 2012 at 10:37 pm

Found Dog on back porch near Buchanan & Georgia Ave NW


When my wife came home from work tonight she found this poor lost dog curled up on our back porch that we had never seen before.  He is a bit emaciated and was thirsty, but we gave immediately gave him some water and dog food (as we have a dog) as he was very hungry and gobbled it down.  He had no collar on him so we could not figure out who he might belong too.  He seems really sweet, but very timid of people.  Not sure if he has been abused or what has happened to him.

He began wagging his tail and letting us pet him after we fed him though.  We have contacted Washington Animal Control about what to do as they seem to be the only ones who take in stray dogs in DC.  We unfortunately cannot bring him into our home as there are to many unknown variables.  We don’t know how he is going to react to our dog, but we don’t want him roaming around by himself.  We want to help him and don’t want him getting euthanized, but the NY Ave animal control does seem like they can at least give him shelter, food, water, and medical care.  We were told they will hold him for an initial 5 days for the owner to find him and then they would do some exams on him to see how healthy he is.

Attached are some photos that I took of him for identification.  We are hoping you can help us get the word out to the Pop community if someone has recently lost their dog in the Petworth neighborhood near Buchanan St & Georgia Ave NW.  Also if anyone has any better suggestions to help this poor guy out we are all ears.

We have not taken him down to the NY Ave shelter yet, but wanted to contact Pop first.  We are not sure if we should take him to that shelter as we are worried they might put him down.  So if ANYONE is looking for him please contact us through my user name here on POP: “jl”

Here is a brief description:

young male, un-neutered 
maybe 1 years old or so
about 40 – 50 lbs
kind of a lab-boxer-pit mix?
coat is all brindle and he doesn’t really have any identifying marks other than a little tuft of white fur on his chest

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Aww! What a cutie! Thanks for posting and for looking for his home! You might also want to forward this on to a few of the vets in the area: City Paws ((202) 232-7297,���) and Friendship ((202) 363-7300,���) come to mind. They’ll often get calls when a pet goes missing. I know Friendship has a lost/found pets board. Good luck!

Maybe also post a couple of flyers in your neighborhood?
I guess this is a generalization, but I’m thinking that an unneutered adult dog is more likely to belong to a longtime resident than a newcomer/”gentrifier,” and that if that’s the case, you’re more likely to reach the owners via flyers in the area than via social media that tend to have a more newcomer-oriented readership.


You also might want to contact one of the local rescues like Lucky Dog or Homeward Trails.  They might be willing to take him on and get him adopted.


Thank you everyone for all the suggestions! Super helpful.  I have contacted City Paws, my wife posted on the petworth dog user group, and we called a couple other leads.  We also tried Craigslist and calling Animal Humane Society.  Even the Humane Society told me though that they would not take a “found report” for the dog as they rufused to do that and would only take the report from Animal Control.  City Paws also had some great suggestions.
We decided to house the poor guy last night in our home while we try to find his owner and he is currently resting inside today at the moment.
We are gonna try and make some flyers for him too to put around the ‘hood.  Maybe Lucky Dog or Homeward Trails would be interested in him, but I have a feeling most organizations will not accept a lost/stray dog unless they officially become “property” of the animal shelter after they have gone through their 5 day waiting period. 
Thank you all again for all of your help.  Hopefully we can still find his owner.

Hi, I emailed Janine with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and she had this to say:
In this case there probably isn’t anything we can do.  There’s
generally a waiting period that has to happen for strays that are
picked up and people have to do certain things to find the owner
before we could legally take the dog (I don’t know all the rules for
this).  Shelters have the process down, but it’s harder for private
owners to do it.
If people are willing to attempt to comply with those rules and want
to turn a dog over to us, we do have a process:
We won’t take every dog, but we will take some.  And we’re more likely
to take a dog if the family turning the dog in to us is willing to
foster the dog until it’s adopted and take the dog to events.
Hope this helps!


Hey everyone,
We regretfully had to take the poor guy down to Washington Humane Society shelter on NY Ave last night.  We cannot keep him due to the danger it places on our own dog, and the unknown health issues he might have.  He is there currently and is being evaluated for health and behaviour at the shelter today.  PLEASE, if you can adopt him or if you are willing to foster him, PLEASE call the shelter number 202-576-6664.  His ID# is: A16884076
When she asked us what we were calling him we told her “Lunar” since we found him under the full moon.  She spelled it “Looner” if you are asking for him though.
Is there any other place people know of who might be able to foster this dog?


Contact the owners of Wagtime, Ofer and Lisa (owagtime at aol dot com or lwagtime at aol dot com.  They might be able to help or have good suggestions for you. 

Thank you for all your efforts, and please don’t feel bad about the fate of this idividual dog.  The sad truth is that there are 1000’s of adoptable dogs available every day and not all will find homes.  Whatever his fate – you have honored his life with your care.

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