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Announcements January 25, 2012 at 5:39 pm

Found Dog!

Anyone recognize this dog?  
Found: 13th & Quebec ST NW on 1/25/2012 early morning
Very friendly male cocker spaniel, wearing a collar

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What a cute doggy!  Has the owner been found?


I’m about 99% sure he lives on the west side of 13th, a couple of houses in from the intersection of Spring and 13th. I want to say the 3rd or 4th house up, but definitely one of those on 13th across from the green space formed by 13th and Kansas.  He gets out/is let out pretty frequently.

Thank you for taking care and going out of your way to help!  some owners just aren’t very responsible – maybe you could offer to have a tag made and put it on his collar yourself.  Sometimes you just have to accept how people are and do what you can.  Several online pet tag sites make it easy.

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