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Other March 1, 2013 at 9:52 am

Found Cat/Cat Needs a Home

Meet Val. In early February, we noticed an addition to the numerous cats that frequent our alley here in Truxton Circle. She was a tiny, emaciated thing, and very timid; but unlike the other cats, she was definitely not feral. After a week or so of cajoling (and canned food, of course), we managed to coax her in, on Feb 14th. Hence the name, Valentine.

Valentine had clearly gotten into a nasty fight with another animal; in addition to being very underweight, she had several bite puncture wounds on her right side that must have been causing her considerable pain. Once we had her inside, we brought her to the vet, where she got a much needed round of antibiotics, initial vaccines, and an otherwise clean bill of health.

Val came to us with no tags and no microchip, but she is quite clearly someone’s housecat. We filed a found cat report with Washington Humane Society but have gotten no hits, and they were pretty clear about her chances of adoption (poor) if we took her in there.
She is very sweet and loves people — she’ll sit in your lap all night and purr quite contentedly, but she is still quite timid and wary after her experience. If anyone recognizes her, we would love to reunite her with her people, so please let me know. Barring that, we are looking to set Val up in a new home, where she can get a second chance. If you have room in your home and your heart for a new addition, have any leads, or any further questions about Val, please let me know!

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Has Val interacted with other indoor animals? If so, how’d she do? Can you post your email address so we can talk offline, or ask PoP to connect us? 

Thanks for taking her in! It’s likely his former family just abandoned him after moving or something; it happens all the time. 🙁 I have mentioned before on PoP that we did the same exact thing with a little boy cat back in the summer. Four Paws cat rescue put him into their system for us and that is how he found his forever home. We did foster him until he got adopted. I would suggest contacting them … they really love us for bringing him in off the street and hopefully they will have the same reaction to you. Good luck!

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