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Announcements March 25, 2012 at 9:09 pm

Found cat: Orange tabby named Marty

I found a cat wandering the alley that runs behind Randolph St. NW and Shepard St. NW (bordered by Georgia Ave. and Kansas).  The entry to the alley is on Randolph, just west of 10th St. NW.  
The cat had tags but won’t stay still long enough for me to read the phone number properly.  I believe the tag says Marty.  Orange tabby.  Unfortunately, I can’t take him in (I have no cat litter, a ban on cats in my apartment, and a 6am flight for work in the morning–and the cat hissed like crazy while I was trying to read his collar).  But if you’re looking for him, I’d start in this alley. Hope this reaches the owner, and that the owner can find him.

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Does he have long hair? Any chance his name might be Ralph?
Ralph lives on 10th Street, and has owners who put him out all the time.

Thanks for the tip! It’s a different cat, though.  Short hair, and I dealt with the hissing for long enough to see that the name on the collar was Marty or Martin or something else that started with Mart.  Hopefully, the cat I saw was just let out to wander for a little while like Ralph…

That’s my friend’s cat Marty. He does get let out to wander the alley (I just went to check on him, he came when his owner called). He’s got his phone number on his collar if he’s ever picked up. He’s usually quite friendly! 

Thanks for the note, ajpasl.  Glad to hear Marty’s with his owner and okay!  And I don’t begrudge the hissing–I’d be pretty annoyed too if someone was trying to grab at something around my neck for long enough to read a phone number in very dim light.

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