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Found Cat on 6th Street NE

A very sweet cat was on our porch (6th St NE btwn L & M) for a while last night and we’re hoping to find it’s owner.  No collar but it wasn’t behaving anything like a stray.  He immediately climbed onto my husbands lap and wanted to stay close.  We think it must be a house cat due to how friendly it was.  We have never seen him around our neighborhood either but we’re hoping someone recognizes him.  We took him to the NY Ave Shelter last night. He has a little light brown patch near his nose and the left side of his body.

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another photo

Awww, what a cutie!  (Especially in the much more flattering second photo.)  I hope that either his people find him or that someone adopts him from the shelter.
You might try posting to the Craigslist pets section ( ), in case his people are looking there but aren’t on PoP.
The kitty also sounds like a good candidate to be “pulled” from the shelter by a rescue group.

Thanks textdoc.  I just posted it to craigslist and asked our ANC rep Tony Goodman to tweet the craigslist post. We’ll see, we hope to find it’s owner..otherwise we might have to adopt and take lots & lots of allergy meds!
Any recs for getting the cat “pulled” by a rescue group?

I would start contacting local rescues and see if any have available resources right now, I’m a big fan of Homeward Trails.  If you can, offer to make a donation to help cover their costs of taking him to the vet and food and boarding.  It will make it easier for them to take him in and you’ll know he is getting medical care and a safe place without having to take the allergy meds (plus it will count as a tax deduction).

Why don’t you adopt him?  He looks like a really nice kitty and already likes you.

thanks so much everyone!!
@pcat..we just might…

I hope the OP or a rescue group has already pulled this cat from the shelter because the NY Ave shelter is not a strictly no kill shelter. Please get him back before he is killed. (Read the Yelp reviews) I realize the OP did what she thought was best and out of kindness, but a shelter is the absolute worse place you can bring a stray/lost/feral cat. There are always other alternatives.

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