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Public Safety February 12, 2016 at 11:30 am

Food Truck Scam at Farragut North

This happened to me yesterday. I went to a food truck on 19th and L. Gray truck, no real branding, but 2 cops had picked up lunch from it right before I ordered, and a woman ordered after me, so that is 4 people total that I saw that could potentially have had their cards compromised…

I ordered, changed my order for something else, and then when I received the order and realized they had given me two things, I went back to correct this. Upon going back, the guy said they had “actually given it to me for free” because my card had been declined. I knew I had enough money on the card, and I had him show me the records, which didn’t list my card anywhere. I let him try again, it showed Declined. I then let him use my credit card and that went through. It’s worth mentioning that they were using Squarecash for their payment mechanism.

When I got back to my desk, I saw that my debit card had been completely drained, down to exactly $0, and I didn’t have some easy to guess number in the account. The charge has the name Falafel W’Bas attached to it.

I went to my credit card and a successful charge for the correct amount of the sandwich went through, also with Falafel W’Bas connected to it. DO NOT USE THIS TRUCK. I’m not sure where to formally report this kind of thing, so…I figured the least I could do is put it here in case anyone else has had this happen to them.


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