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Real Estate January 20, 2015 at 11:45 am

Five Days Without Water… What's my recourse?

Hi Folks,

I live in a larger apartment complex where last week we did not have hot water for nearly 5 days. The hot water was off from Tuesday afternoon through Sunday morning. The management company provided the tenants with limited updates (3 in 5 days) about the status of the repairs. Needless to say, this was completely unacceptable for several reasons. From the length of time the water wasn’t working to the limited contact with tenants, I was and still am very upset. I want to request that a portion of my “all utilities included” rent be pro-rated for February since I went 5 days without water this month. Do I have any recourse for this?

When I read DCRA’s website I saw that all rentals are required to provide hot water (which I didn’t have for 5 days) so I would be more than justified in receiving a credit for my rent.

I any one has been through this (or something similar) I’d love to hear how you went about this.


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As a manager of a rental building, I think the best thing would be to kick up a fuss in an email to the office ask for a pro-rated credit and threaten to file a DCRA formal complaint if you don’t get it. You don’t even need to be specific and given that you were without hot water, I’m sure you have some furious/irrational venting to do–though bear in mind, if it is an old building, they can be tough to repair and it’s worth giving them the benefit of the doubt in terms of negligence claims. But seriously calculate the pro-rate and/or any expenses that were related to the issue and ask for a specific number, with vague incantations of posting bad ratings online or filing formal complaints. If you invent a “lawyer friend’, that also helps. If none of this is satisfactory, then you probably don’t want to live in a building so poorly managed.

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