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Public Safety February 14, 2016 at 11:29 am

Fire Alarm Requirements?


I live in a multi-unit apartment building. There are fire alarm speakers in the halls, but not the apartments. As a result, you can hear the alarm in apartment if you are awake and there is no other noise. But the alarm is not loud enough to hear over TV/music, nor is it loud enough to wake someone who is sleeping. (Apartments do have smoke alarms, sprinklers.)
The alarm went off a few nights ago for an extended period – but it didn’t wake me for a long time and I actually incorporated it into my dream before finally slowly realizing what was going on. (Dogs and wife slept through whole thing). This has happened before – shocking bc we are all light sleepers. On one hand, it doesn’t worry me bc sprinklers, smoke alarms, large building with multiple fire staircases on opposite ends of building. On the other hand, though, seems like asking for it to sleep through fire alarms. Plus, I don’t really trust building bc when we had a power outage last year, the emergency lighting didn’t work so it was pitch black in stairwells and you weren’t going ANYWHERE without a flashlight. It certainly wouldn’t shock me it the sprinkler system failed too.
The fire alarm just doesn’t seem like it would meet standards, but I can’t find anything addressing this online. Anyone know anything?

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Check out NFPA 101. You may be able to find a pdf version somewhere. I know emergency lights must be checked yearly, and must work long enough for people to get out of the building.

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