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General Discussion January 20, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Financial Advisor Recommendation

Looking for a financial advisor, do you like yours?  Would prefer someone who we could meet face to face, in the city.
Figured it was about time to sort out our finances. 

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i’m not in a position to have a financial advisor but this is a dear friend of mine who, if i had the cash flow, would manage it for me in the best way!
Todd Shears
BlueSail Advisors LLC 
Voice: (202) 467-8352  NEW!
Fax: (866) 547-0336

Jim Abramson is an excellent advisor i’ve used many times in the past. He’s created a whole financial picture for me, and then for my wife and i, including debt, assets, retirement, investments, etc – and best of all, he knows how to explain it all to the financial layman. His fees were very reasonable, and he was always willing to meet in person to go over things. He’s in the process of setting up his own advising company (was with a large firm previously) but give him a shout at:
Abramson Financial Consulting, LLC
[email protected]

Kathleen Finn is great – meetings are in her townhouse on Q St. Very professional. She’s helping me get everything in order and is even doing my taxes.  

It’s really a wise move to consult a financial advisor. They are really of big help to sort out your finances as well as attaining your long-term financial goals. What area are you by the way?

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