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Neighborhood News June 19, 2015 at 6:36 pm

Farmers' Market at 14th and Kennedy

I live just a half block from 14th and Kennedy, and am delighted by the addition of this Farmers’ Market to our neighborhood. Yesterday I was surprised to have a Farmers’ Market representative knock on our door asking for signatures in support of the new Farmers’ Market–apparently there have been complaints (I do not know the reason) from neighbors, including a call to Muriel Bowser. The Market has minimal impact on neighborhood parking, the street closure is easy to navigate around on Saturday mornings, and as far as I can tell the Market itself generates nothing but positives (family-friendly pedestrian traffic, an incredibly convenient source for fresh produce, an opportunity to meet neighbors, etc.). I do not subscribe to any neighborhood blogs or forums–does anyone know the source and/or reason for complaints about this new Farmers’ Market? And beyond signing a petition (and buying things from the vendors) is there any way to demonstrate support for the Market?


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