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Travel and Transportation August 8, 2013 at 10:07 pm

Fail to Report for Inspection?

Hey guys,

So i moved to DC in February, and I thought I had followed all the directions on getting my car registered, etc. When I went to the inspection station, which was the first thing I did, I passed, but had my Virginia plates on at that time. A week later I went to get my DC plates, parking permit, and DC drivers license. Therefore, my inspection sticker has the wrong license plate number on it…

But I believe I was told I had to get an inspection first, so this seems fairly unavoidable?

Any suggestions? The ticket is $50. I guess I have to go and get my car inspected again?? :/

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Huh. I just moved from MD at the start of July and I did the exact same thing you did when I transferred my plates. I had it inspected with MD plates, and then took the inspection certificate to the DMV and they gave me a DC title, DL, and plates. Well, the title comes in the mail, but it was all taken care of at the DMV at one time.

You should probably call the DMV and explain that to ’em? Maybe they mistook your Feb inspection for an older one?


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