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General Discussion June 23, 2013 at 10:42 am

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I am looking to recover some chairs but am having a hard time finding a fabric store in DC. Anyone have any recommendations?

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I had a hard time finding stores in DC, but ballard designs online (ballarddesigns(dot)com) has great fabrics. You can order swatches for free and just pay about $5 for shipping. Usually the first time you order swatches, they’ll also send you some kind of coupon (10-20% off) to entice you to buy fabric from them, too.


In DC or in the area?

G Street Fabrics moved to MD about 25 years ago. I think there is still one in the Watergate, maybe, but $$$.

There are plenty in MD though.

G St. Fabrics is also in Arlington. Upholstery fabric is very expensive there, but you might find remnants. I’ve had good luck with http://www.buyfabric.com. Or go to NY for Zarin Fabrics on lower east side.

G Street pretty much has the market cornered for full service fabric stores in the DMV. If you do go there the upholstery fabric is not cheap, but if you’re talking about the seats of dining room chairs you won’t need a lot. Sign up for their email list, they almost always have a coupon. I never go there without one.

G St also has a large sale section where all fabric is $2.96/yd, that includes ample upholstery fabric.

This might not work as well as G St, but the wonderful sewing studio Bits of Thread, right smack in the middle of AdMo, has a mini shop that is all donated fabric and notions. I’ve been a number of times and they have an impressive selection for the space and considering it’s all donated. The shop is open whenever the studio is. http://www.bitsofthread.com/

There is a Calico Corners in Friendship Heights, this place is only upholstery fabric. A lot of it is stodgy, but they’ve come around in recent years and have quite a bit of up to date stuff. Also, sign up for their email list to get coupons. I bought all of my fabric for a reupholstery project and pillows at Calico.

Do NOT order from Joanns.com it is terrible!!! I had the worst experience with them I have ever had ordering online. Stores are fine, but not extremely well stocked with upholstery fabric and the staff is barely competent.

But I would recommend fabric.com as a good resource. You can order samples to get a better feel for the weight of the fabric and the true color. West Elm also sells some of their upholstery fabrics online.


I would honestly recommend going the online route. Just do some research for online places, get some samples delivered (normally that should be free or maybe $10 for several samples). When you find a fabric you like, do a search for other stores that might sell it. For our chairs, I found quotes for the same fabric at various online stores that varied from $22/yard to almost $100/yard. The $22/yard online store had terrible reviews (I can’t remember what it was) so I spent I think $27/yard on a site that had good reviews…

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