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Eviction Question

Can a person get evicted for not paying their air conditioning charges?
I am current on rent, but I owe over a thousand dollars in air conditioning charges. 
The management never use to collect it,but now (after 15 years in the building), they have decided to enforce the payment.  
I got a notice to go to housing court at the DC Courthouse, but I was wondering if they can actually evict me for it.  All the housing law sites I see only mention getting evicted for not paying rent, not extra charges. 

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Charges/billings spelled out in the lease are legally obligated to be paid and when delinquent become categoried legally as the same as rent, so your landlord can take you to court for unpaid obligations, such as utilities, etc; However, your not having paid same for years without action by your landlord lends credence to you not being obligated to pay same – So DO GO TO COURT, and the landlord is highly likely to negotiate with you; You should ask to see the bills, negotiate a start date, and ask for no retroactive bills, and be willing to go before a judge, if you dont feel the landlord’s offer is fair.  I emphasize DO SHOW UP!

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